Ultrasonic proximity sensor / IP67
0.2 - 6 m | MICROSONAR NIVELCO Process Control Co.


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It has non contacting sensor and analogue or switching output. It has two measuring ranges form 1 and 6 m. It is completely temperature compensated and has a LED indication. It has two versions, IP67 or IP68 and can have metal or pp body as well. It is protected against short circuit as well as inverse polarity.
It can be used for various applications such as Positioning equipment, Packaging equipment as well as Filling equipment. It can also be used for Small transport vehicles, Trolleys and Fork-lifts.

It has many specifications such as ,
It has a power supply of 10.8 - 30 V and an ambient temperature of -20 .. +70°C. It ranges from 0.2 - 1 m or 0.4 - 6 m and has a 0,1 mm resolution. It has a 0 - 10 V, 4 - 20 mA, NPN or PNP switch output and a class IP 67, IP 68 protection.


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