analog converter / RS-232 / RS422/RS485 / isolated
7470 Nokeval



  • Type:


  • Bus:

    RS-232, RS422/RS485

  • Other characteristics:



7470 is a serial-bus controlled analog output unit. It provides four mA or V outputs, that can be controlled via an RS232 or RS485 bus. As a slave, it supports Nokeval SCL, Modbus RTU, and Ascii protocols. Alternatively, it can function as a SCL Master querying other devices.Analog output ranges include 0...20mA, 4...20mA, 0...5V, and 0...10V. 7470 needs 24 VDC supply voltage. The analog outputs are not galvanically isolated from the power supply or each other. They share the common negative wire. However the serial bus is galvanically isolated.The 7470 is suitable for Vaisala weather station WXT520, WMT52 and WS425.