wireless data collection terminal / rugged
Ovazone-Wave Nokeval



  • Other characteristics:

    wireless, rugged


Ovazone-Wave is the workhorse of every Ovaport data collection solution. It features a radio receiver for range of wireless transmitters in both MTR (433.92 MHz) and Ovazone (2.4 GHz) series and an RS485 interface with highly configurable Modbus RTU bus-master. The Modbus RTU bus-master can be used to collect data from several Modbus RTU slaves. Ovalink’s RS485 master also supports other devices, like for example the Vaisala WXT510 and WXT520 weather stations. Ovazone-Wave has an internal battery backup to cover for short power failures; it can last for up to 5 hours, depending on conditions. It also has a buffer memory to store collected data during times there is no network service over its integrated mobile data connection (2G or 3G). Mobile data usage is optional, Ovazone-Wave includes also LAN connection. Rugged, splash-proof (IP65 rated) enclosure keeps the device safe also in more challenging conditions.