Automatic cleaning system for spray nozzle
max. 35 bar | CleanSpray® XT Nordson Industrial Coating Systems

The CleanSpray XT system cleans nozzles automatically – at the right time and in the right way, without stopping normal production on the spray machine.
The innovative system sprays a low-pressure, short-duration mist of water directly on the nozzle. This process washes away excess coating between lacquer sprays to keep the nozzle face free of material buildup. The result is repeatable and accurate spray deposition for increased production without maintenance.

Automatically cleans nozzles after lacquer sprays without stopping production
The Nordson® right-angle nozzle design directs spray for efficient and accurate cleaning
Soft-seat gun nozzle design improves durability and provides drip- and drool-proof nozzle cutoff
Precise mounting design facilitates production set-up, lacquer gun nozzle change and gun rebuild
Easily retrofits to existing applications
Adjustable mounting bracket provides angular position and in/out adjustment for improved flexibility
Simple, inexpensive Nordson CleanSleeve® gun covers provide better protection than cardboard shields


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