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Process Sentry™ Nordson Industrial Coating Systems



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    control system


The Nordson Process Sentry™ substance analytics regulator offers a straightforward, correct system for observing an extensive variety of tasks during the substance provision process. This adaptable regulator enables regulation of substance pressure and distributes volumes for a diversity of Nordson organizations. The Process Sentry regulator can be employed in two forms, helpful systems that employ either the Nordson CP Gun or on or off supply units. The regulator boasts of 32-part identity ability, and recollection microprocessors that can be inserted for voluntary information logging. A resistance temperature detector input is offered to observe substance hotness for statistical process control information, if preferred. The Video Graphics Array monitor shows an extensive array of system constraints and errors as well as distributed volume, material deliver pressure and TCU status. As well it comprises 32 Part identity ability and process information that can be downloaded for statistical process control reporting.