Spraying nozzle / hollow-cone / paint
cSelect™ Nordson Industrial Coating Systems


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Designed by Nordson, the cSelect nozzles provide consistent accuracy and piece-to-piece performance. They have been designed to uniformly carry out the internal lacquer spray of specific can sizes and types.

They have been manufactured with 35 percent closer tolerance limits than their predecessors which ensures their piece-to-piece accuracy. Manufacturers are able to lower the coating weights due to this uniformity in the applied film thickness. This means that they benefit from a reduced cost and consumption of material.

Every cSelect nozzle is tested for its performance. This is done by coating specific can types and sizes and then measuring the distribution of the film thickness along the container's sidewall. The results don't vary more than 0.50 mg/in2 and these are then the performance criteria for the nozzle. The cSelect nozzles can be manufactured to tighter tolerances as necessary to ensure uniform coating of a can of any desired size or type.


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