acoustic calibration system / for sound level meters
Nor1504A Norsonic AS



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  • Applications:

    for sound level meters



* Acoustical and electrical calibration of sound measuring instruments, measuring microphones and sound calibrators in accordance with the applicable national and international standards


* Test signals comply with IEC60651, 60804, DIN45657 and IEC61672 as well as several other standards.
* Fast and accurate calibration of sound measuring instruments using three different interface modes; manual; semi-automated and fully automated
* Frequency response calibration of microphones using electrostatic or acoustical method
* Sensitivity calibration of microphones using the insert voltage method ensures a high degree of accuracy
* Fast and accurate calibration of sound calibrators, pistonphones and associated barometers in accordance with IEC60942
* Sound level meter calibration in accordance with IEC61672, IEC60651, IEC60804, DIN45657, ANSIS1.4, ANSIS1.43 and BS7580
* Test of fractional octave filters in accordance with IEC 225 and 61260
* Full test report generated
* Built-in self test features

The calibration system Nor1504A is capable of calibrating virtually any type of sound measuring instruments, sound calibrators and microphones commercially available, provided that they have been designed in accordance with applicable international standards. Hence, the system is by no means limited to Norsonic products alone.

The process of verification and calibration of sound level meters in accordance with international standards is in general divided into an electrical and an acoustical part (IEC60651, IEC 60804 and IEC61672).

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