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Power distribution cable / subsea


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    power distribution

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Underwater Cables
A Variety of Applications

At Northwire we build a variety of custom underwater cables. Whether the application is for freshwater or saltwater, chemicals, solvents or all of the above, Northwire has your cable solution.
Reliable Performance

Northwire uses unique compounds formulated to withstand the effects of long term immersion in aqueous fluids. In addition to these insulation and jacket extrusions, Northwire provides an assortment of fillers, tapes and other compounds that protect the cables from water penetration. In the event that the cable is cut or impaled, these materials will absorb and swell, resulting in the blockage at the point of entry.
A Variety of Uses

Underwater cable uses include camera and video systems, sonar, control, well, sewer and geophysical applications.


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