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linear vibrating sieving machine / sorting / heavy-duty
VIB SP / VVM Novagum



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    linear vibrating

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Linear vibrating sieves
Linear vibrating sieves.
There are mainly two types of separation units: SAS (simple), which are made in wear-proof plastic material and drilled, and SAD (double) with steel strips painted or coated with plastic. Grilles can be easily replaced by means of the patented WEDGE-LOCK system without the need of wrenches. Machines are fitted with a suitably sized vibrating motor and with easily adjustable eccentric loads. Different finishing options can be obtained by simply adjusting vibrations. Maintenance operations are fast and easy to carry out.

VIB SP vibrators with VVM sieves

SP vibrators have a pneumatically operated discharge cap. The opening assembly is constituted by a double acting cylinder that can be manually or automatically controlled by means of a solenoid valve. The filter/pressure regulator assembly enables to accurately adjust the opening and closing of the discharge.
The material inside the tank can be completely and easily discharged into the separation sieve, that is designed to quickly separate machined parts from abrasive inserts.