thermo-hygrometer with LCD display / portable / temperature / relative humidity
HygroMaxx Novasina AG



  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Configuration:


  • Measured value:

    temperature, relative humidity

  • Applications:

    for HVAC, industrial


The HygroMaxx R/S/M humidity and temperature transmitter is used in numerous applications including the paper and textile industry, health care (hospitals), clean room applications and industrial HVAC plants. . The robustly designed HygroMaxx S/R has a large LC display and simple, intuitive menu navigation. High precision humidity measurement technology is offered by the new capacitive humidity sensor which enables precise and efficient control of the climate parameters in various industrial processes. It offers high precision and repeatability, simple calibration and two high precision analog outputs. The R (duct), S (room) and M (external sensor) series can be supplied for channel or room installation. This versatile device is distinguished further by having two analog outputs, adjustment and calibration features.
The new digital precision humidity and temperature transmitter is utilized in climatic control systems and available in various versions.