roller bearing / single-row / steel / long-life
TF series NSK Europe Ltd.



  • Rolling element:


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    long-life, high-temperature, low-torque, heat-resistant

  • Applications:

    transmission, for paper machines, for gearboxes


The transmission of engine power to the rear differential gear is possible through the use of propeller shaft in FR vehicles. Since, the center bearing of the propeller shaft which is situated on the exterior of the vehicle, it creates a need for mud and turbid water resistance as well as fast rotational speeds.

The rear differential gear offers a high speed-reduction gear ratio, which is used for engine power in the rear wheels. Additionally, the bearings are impacted by large gear-interlocking resulting in support for the pinion and the ring gear.

The pinion gear bearings can perform very well even under low torque and offers long-term durability, owing to the bearing rotations with a similar speed as the shaft.