expanded polystyrene pre-expander / for EPS
max. 1.5 t Nuova Idropress S.p.A.



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    for expanded polystyrene, for EPS


It is no longer a novelty but a technologic reality now affirmed, the Conical Pre-expander of Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. presented in 1998 and already manufactured in more than 200 models in only 15 years.
The range of Nuova Idropress expanders usable both for moulding and for blocks include two small of 0,8 and 1,5 m3 volume available totally cone-shaped (capacity up to 1,5 ton / hour @ 20 g/l) and six big truncated cone with volumes usable variable from 2,0 up to 8,0 m3 (and capacity up to 5,8 ton / hour @ 20 g/l).
The great advantage of the conical machine consists in having a bottom diameter of only 800 mm. in the big models and respectively of 500 mm. and 600 mm. in those small, for which the raw material layer concentrated on the bottom results being always significant, and besides, the centrifugal force that acts on the material during the agitator rotation results reduced thanks to the narrow diameter of the chamber. This does not allow the steam, always injected from the bottom of the chamber, to find preferential ways and it is forced to cross the material ensuring the uniformity of the expansion.

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