linear positioning stage / motorized / single-axis


  • Orientation:


  • Type:


  • Number of axes:


  • Stroke :

    Max.: 600 mm

    Min.: 50 mm

  • Speed:

    Max.: 2 m/s (6.56 ft/s)

    Min.: 0 m/s (0 ft/s)


LINEAX®-6 A linear motor driven stage suitable for applications where reliable 24/7 operation, precision positioning and ease of use are desirable characteristics. The versatile 150 mm x 46mm envelope is well suited for many instrument type machines and robotic devices.
Precision guiding system provides stable trajectory across long travel and at high speeds.
Powerful linear motors are used in the LINEAX series; provide driving force to position high payloads.
High-resolution linear encoders are incorporated to allow precise position feedback and closed loop digital servo control.
Lineax-6 Features & Benefits
Direct drive linear motors for stage positioning exhibit advantages over conventional screw driven stages. Lacking the elastic deformation seen in screw drive systems allows direct drive systems to produce more compliant positioning trajectories, faster settling times, higher repeatability and faster servo response. Free of rotating inertia, much faster acceleration and higher velocities are achievable. Wear of rotating components is eliminated increasing reliability, uptime, and extending servicing intervals each of these contributes to reducing cost of ownership. The direct drive linear motor with the high-resolution encoder allows precise velocity regulation. The linear motor and other components in Lineax can be prepared for vacuum compatibility.