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helical gear reducer / parallel-shaft / high-speed / precision
SU, SD Nuttall Gear



  • Type:


  • Shaft orientation:


  • Performance:

    high-speed, precision

  • Other characteristics:

    for pumps

  • Rotational speed:

    45,000 rpm (282,743.34 rad.min-1)


For over 60 years, Nuttall Gear has been supplying Step Up or Step Down High Speed gear drives to the industrial and nuclear markets. Our Type SU / SD High Speed units are available in ratings to 40,000 HP, speeds to 45,000 RPM in ratios up to 15:1. Millions of hours of operation have proven the design integrity and reliability of Nuttall Gears Type SU / SD on applications such as compressors, fans, pumps, and turbines. Gear drive designs are available for AGMA 6011, API 613 or 677, and Class I-E Nuclear Safety Related Applications. Nuttall Gear understands each application can have its own special requirements and we can design and manufacture our High Speed drive to meet your special requirements.
Our standard design features include:
A rigid cast iron or welded steel housing
Dynamically balanced precision double helical gearing for uniform load distribution and quiet running
Oversized split sleeve bearings for smooth, efficient running
Split labyrinth non contact oil seals for long life
Self contained forced oil lubricated gears and bearings
Options are available and can include:
Multi-speed (shifters) gear train variations with either manual, pneumatic or hydraulic shifting
Remote mounted custom lubrication systems
Sophisticated monitoring systems to measure temperature, pressure, and vibration
Built in turning gears