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Bench-top mask aligner
Model 200 OAI


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The OAI Model 200 Mask Aligner is a Cost effective, reliable, high performance, benchtop mask aligner designed for R & D , universities, and research labs. Using an innovative, air bearing/vacuum toss leveling framework, the substrate is leveled rapidly and delicately
for parallel photomask alignment and uniform contact over the wafer during contact exposure. It has accurate alignments to 1 micron. The Model 200 can also be fitted with a Nano Imprint Tool or IR backside alignment.

The Model 200 has the OAI dependable UV light source with lamps for NUV or Deep UV, a constant intensity controller with + 2% of desired intensity. Applications include MEMS, NIL, Microfluidics, thin film devices, device fabrication, Solar Cells. It is an economic solution for many applications.

Options available are single or dual camera screens, LED Light Source, NIL module, and Microfluidic Module.


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