fixed-focus camera objective / plan achromatic / machine vision
74-series Ocean Optics



  • Type :


  • Other characteristics:

    plan achromatic

  • Technical applications:

    machine vision

  • Focal length:

    10 mm


Collimating lenses are curved optical lenses that help to make parallel the light that enters your spectrometer setup. These lenses allow users to control the field of view, collection efficiency and spatial resolution of their setup, and to configure illumination and collection angles for sampling.Each 74-series lens is 5 mm in diameter, has focal length of 10 mm and is responsive at UV-Vis or Vis-NIR wavelengths. An achromatic lens option (74-ACR) corrects for spherical and chromatic aberrations.Collimating lenses are common to most of the sampling accessories we offer. As such, these lenses are used for an extensive array of applications and measurement techniques including absorbance, irradiance and emission.PRODUCT DETAILSVersatile – lenses optimized for the UV-Vis (200-2000 nm) or Vis-NIR (350-2000 nm)Rugged – stainless steel barrel with black oxide finishFiber optic – couple to optical fibers or spectrometersAdjustable – position lenses for converging to diverging FOV (~25°)