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Rotary labeler / automatic / wrap-around / pressure-sensitive
max. 50 000 p/h | Vela L96/22T RF OCME


  • Type:


  • Operational mode:


  • Label type:

    wrap-around, pressure-sensitive


Ocme Vela L96/22T RF is a new generation of rotary labeller machines, ideal for application of wraparound labels on cylindrical and shaped formats.

In the standard configuration a servo motor motorizes a a double reel support, powers a cutting drum and a glue roller, and independently drives an in-feed screw.

L96/22T RF features a motorized tooth belt (brushless) for platform movimentation and centering platforms with quick release function. The reel is loaded in vertical position by the Hercules system.

L96/22T RF also includes a device for automatic reel splicing and vertical opening doors.


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