data connector / electrical power supply / audio/video / hybrid



  • Type:

    data, electrical power supply, audio/video, hybrid

  • Format:

    DIN, coaxial, USB, Ethernet, overmolded, HDMI

  • Shape:


  • Connection type:

    female, male, crimp, push-pull, flange, blind mate, through-hole, snap-on, press-fit, dip solder

  • Electrical characteristics:

    high-power, high-density, multipole, high-speed, power, digital, high-current, grounding, low-voltage, medium-voltage, high-voltage

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    for harsh environments, IEC, rugged, military-grade, thermoplastic molded, high-performance, small, insulated, panel-mount, with machined contacts, category 5e, category 6a, with cable gland, category 6, breakaway, built-in, flexible, waterproof, category 5, IP69K, for numerous mating cycles, 6-37 pin, with cable, shielded, IP68, thermoplastic over-molded, high-power, EMC-shielded, compact, field-attachable, pre-wired, category 7, fail-safe, high-temperature, small, custom, strain relief, in-line, ISO, IP50

  • Product applications:

    for sensors, for printed circuit boards, transmission, for power supplies, for panels, for high-temperature applications, for cameras, for lighting, ground, LED lighting module, cable, for measurement and control circuits, for data and telecommunication lines, transmission line

  • Field:

    for the automotive industry, industrial, for medical applications, for harsh environments, for building, marine, automation, for production, Ethernet network, outdoor, for robotics, power distribution, automatic, for agricultural applications, for power generation, for construction machinery

  • Current:

    Max.: 32 A

    Min.: 5 A

  • Voltage:

    Max.: 1,250 V

    Min.: 12 V


ODU MINI-SNAP is an ideal self-securing circular connection for a multitude of application areas. Whether for transferring power, signals, data or even media – this circular connector in a robust metal housing offers great long-term quality, reliability and functionality.

The Push-Pull principle reliably ensures that the connection never releases until you want it to: once mated, the ODU MINI-SNAP locks itself into the receptacle. It can no longer be separated by just pulling on the cable. The plug can, however, easily be de-mated from the receptacle when the outer sleeve is pulled back.

The ODU MINI-SNAP is available in a wide range of sizes and designs. You can also choose from three basic keyings.