Magnetic coupling
MXC series OEP Couplings


  • Installation system:


  • Torque:

    0.1 Nm (0.07

  • Rotational speed:

    2000 rpm (12566.37 rad.min-1)


The Magnetic Shaft Couplings serve as a wear-free slip clutch. This magnetic coupling slips to the next position at exactly 90 degrees. It can be used to couple across a thin barrier and making a hermetically sealed rotary feed through. Magnetic Shaft Couplings has moderate radial loads on support bearings.

The Shaft couplings are used to couple or attach two shafts together. Typically, in an assembly where one shaft rotates and drives the other shaft. It can be rigid, meaning accommodating no misalignment or flexible. It means that accommodating some angular and radial misalignment of the two shafts.


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