semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor / piston / single-stage / for industrial refrigeration
HI11 Series Officine Mario Dorin Spa



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    for industrial refrigeration


There are many INVERTER SYSTEM ADVANTAGES. INVERTER systems are used in tandem with refrigeration compressions. Leading manufacturers of refrigeration systems in the world as well as research institutes are studying ways and means to use this technology in appliances.

When an INVERTER is used in tandem with a compressor in refrigeration systems and units, they give a number of benefits. Energy consumption is reduced leading to significant reduction in power bills.

In standard refrigeration systems, the compressor stops when temperatures decrease and when the temperatures increase again, the compressor re-starts suddenly. In case of INVERTER system, as temperature lowers, the system gradually slows down and pauses. As temperature starts to rise, the inverter softly resumes where it left off. In fact, the compressor never stops completely, but works gently in the background to maintain an ambient temperature.

Thus, the life and efficiency of the compressor increases since it does not stop and restart suddenly.

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