semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor / piston / two-stage / for industrial refrigeration
2S-H5 Series Officine Mario Dorin Spa



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    for industrial refrigeration


Get ready to use innovative compressor design, because the 2S is a dual stage compressor of valuable H compressor range. The factory amassed liquid sub cooler are offered with the 4 and 6 cylinder versions with 56 m3/h to 122 m3/h dislodgments range in the low compression stage. The duties of the electric motor are ranging from 15 HP to 40 HP.
The groundbreaking design of the compressor can work at the middle compression level and there is no need to use external pipes because of the internal gas flow system that can considerably diminish the leakage from weak points and remarkably reduce overall dimensions.
Features of the New Range of Compressor
The advanced compressors feature liquid sub cooling pipes without any external interphase pipes design to reduce the rate of leakage and increase the LP / HP volume ratio to COP levels. You can enjoy sound free emission because of extra-low pressure rhythms competence of operation down to T_ev = -75°C (R404A).