semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor / piston / CO2 (R744) / sub-critical
CDS11 Series Officine Mario Dorin Spa



  • Configuration:


  • Technology:


  • Refrigerant:

    CO2 (R744)

  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    for industrial refrigeration


The new CDS compressor range for subcritical applications benefit a specific product engineering intended to increase pressure containment criteria, especially when the system is subjected to prolonged standstill.

Therefore, the new CDS range, thanks to an innovative body design, allows pressure values of PSs = 36 bar and PS = 55 bar, representing the best solution available in the market for typical cascade and/or booster installations.

These compressors main features are:
excellent and proven reliability proven by the several thousands units already running in the field
increased C.O.P. values, thanks to fluid dynamic optimization of the internal vanes shape, high efficiency 4 poles motors
wide application envelope: allows the compressor safe use in the most common cascade or booster applications
HP and LP safety relief valve
suction and discharge service valve
low vibrations, thanks to an optimized mass balance
low gas pulsation
suitable for frequency control
special lubricant for CO2 applications
electric box with IP65 class of protection on all series

DORINs manufacturing system is certified according to Directive EN ISO 9001.

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