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Ofil's exclusive solution to indoors inspection of corona partial discharge. DayCor® SCALAR is a nondestructive (NDT) testing imaging system, developed, designed and manufactured by Ofil using proprietary UV Band Pass technology.


DayCor® Scalar is a High Value Low Cost, affordable corona detection camera. Scalar records, stores and plays videos and stills. Scalar sees ultraviolet signals emitted by partial discharges and smartly differentiates between noise and real corona signals. Scalar merges, with high accuracy, 2 channels: ultraviolet and visible and thereby displays both the corona and its source.


» Extremely easy to operate
» Lightweight
» Ergonomic design
» Extra-long operating battery
» Wide FOV
» Powerful built-in flashlight
» Playback
» Video and stills camera
» Large transmissive LCD
» Selection of corona colors
» Customized programmable profiles
» IP 54
» High Value Low Cost