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  • Endurance:

    30 min


aviROM is an aerial inspection system mounted on UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Comprised of a UAV, a UV Camera & Remote controls. aviROM implements the latest technological developments of aviation on the hand and corona detection, on the other. The system provides a cost effective inspection solution with excellent maneuvering. aviROM can fly autonomously along predetermined routes. A special "Follow Mode" feature enables continuous inspection of a selected target even when flight directions change. Ofil's aviROM can lift heavy payloads, fly long distances and is optimized for easy and effective flight planning. The UAV is foldable, fits into a car trunk, easy to carry, assemble and operate. The aircraft can fly continuously 30 minutes to a distance of 1.5km and reach altitudes of 150m above ground. aviROM has auto takeoff & landing, excellent maneuverability and outstanding safety features.


•Implements the latest technologies
•Autonomous flight
•Compact and light weight
•Follow Mode
•Can lift heavy payloads
•Fly long distances
•Optimized for easy and effective flight planning
•Auto takeoff & landing
•Excellent maneuverability
•Outstanding safety features
• Autopilot with internal movement unit
•GPS positioning, barometer and digital datalink
•360° movement on pan/tilt
•Automatic parachutes
•Ensured Return to Home (RTH)
•DayCor® Technology inside - Highest sensitivity to UV
•High gain optimized antenna
•Adaptable to customers' needs