thick-film resistor / SMD / board-mount / low-inductance
TL Series Ohmite


  • Technology:


  • Mounting:

    SMD, board-mount

  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Resistance:

    Max.: 4000000 Ohm

    Min.: 3 Ohm

  • Power rating:

    Max.: 275 W (0.37 hp)

    Min.: 27 W (0.04 hp)


The TL Series add heat sinkable options to the
thick film resistor family. The resistor element
is packaged with plastic insulators, and quickconnect
terminals in a symmetrical aluminum
profile for easy heat sink mounting. Special
tapped configurations are offered to reduce on
board component count.
Efficient thermal packaging provides improved
heat conduction to the heat sink. Self-insulating
package design increases voltage withstanding
characteristics when compared to traditional
aluminum housings. The in line mounting profile
makes the TL Series easily adaptable to most
heat sink systems. Thermal compound is always
recommended when heat sinking.

Fea t ure s
• Very low inductance
• Low profile design
• In-Line Mounting
• 1/4” Quick connect terminals
• Consult factory for
common, isolated, or
special multiple tap

Applic a tions
• Semiconductor Balancing
• Frequency Converters
• Snubber
• In-Rush Current Limiter
• Bleeder Resistor
• Power Switching
• Voltage Dividers