vacuum filter-dryer / liquid / wire mesh / for chemical applications
FV Okawara Mfg. Co., Ltd


  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:

    wire mesh

  • Other characteristics:

    for chemical applications, for food applications, for mixers, for pharmaceutical applications, conical, vacuum, rotary drum, with agitation


Filter Vacuum Dryer “FV Dryer” is a multi-purpose equipment that combines filtration, washing, drying, mixing and cooling in a single unit. Atmospheric or vacuum operation are available to ensure more versatility to the equipment.

No shaft seals or agitator inside the vessel guarantees a final product free of contamination as well as ensure that the powder particles will not be broken by the agitator resulting in a porous-free product.

Its multifunctionality eliminates the need of material transfer between processes minimizing the loss and leakage of material, need of manpower as well as operators exposure to the product. It also guarantees environmental protection against solvent vaporization and fume contamination.

The rotating vessel helps to a uniform washing, mixing and drying (cooling).

Its simple structure allied with its multifunctionality makes “FV Dryer” a good choice for the processing of materials that require high hygienic standards like pharmaceuticals, food and fine chemicals.


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