spray dryer / continuous / for the chemical industry / for the pharmaceutical industry
SPRUDE Okawara Mfg. Co., Ltd


  • Technology:


  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    for the chemical industry, for the pharmaceutical industry, for the food industry, for processing applications

  • Associated function:


  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, stainless steel, with automatic controls, nozzle, with temperature control


Continuous Fluid Bed Bottom-Spray Dryer and Granulator with Air-classifying Product Discharge “Sprude” is designed to perform continuous dry of liquids into powder plus granulation in a single equipment resulting in less installation space, less manpower, better running cost and less time to produce granules with a high dense surface structure and high bulk density (600 kg/m3 or more). The coating of small pellets can also be perform in this equipment.

The dry liquid first forms small particles as starter cores. The repetition of this process makes the starter cores absorb the liquid around it making it grow layer by layer, just like an onion. This process results in granules with high bulk density.

The granules are easy for handling, difficult to break during transformation as well as easier to dissolve when added to a liquid and can be sized from 100 to 1000μm.

The specially designed air-classifying device narrows the particle size distribution and allows to control the granule size. The fine powder is sent back to the fluidized bed and only the granules will be discharged.

Batch model also available.


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