universal grease / mineral oil-based / for bearings / for spindles
OKS 420 OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH



  • Function:


  • Type:

    mineral oil-based

  • Product applications:

    for bearings, for spindles, for gears, for bearing units

  • Other characteristics:

    high-temperature, adhesive, high-pressure, high load capacity

  • Operating temperature:

    Min.: -10 °C (14 °F)

    Max.: 160 °C (320 °F)


High-Temperature Multipurpose Grease

OKS 420 is a high-temperature grease for universal use at increased requirements.

Areas of application

Gearbox lubrication of heavily loaded, relatively slow-running toothed gearing when grease is used instead of oil due to leaks
For heavily loaded and impact-loaded drives
Chain lubrication, e.g. of hollow-pin chains in the conveyance and transport sector, for exposure to water and steam and at higher operating temperatures
Bearing lubrication of friction and rolling bearings in annealing yards and drying systems, manipulators and robots, cooling-bed and conveyor systems, machines in food packing industry, steam sterilisers etc.

Advantages and benefits

Excellently suited for corrosive operating conditions with high operating temperatures and high pressure and impact loads
Economical due to optimised formula
Enables wear reduction, decreasing failure times and enabling long-term lubrication
Long-acting, highly adhesive, temperature-stable and waterproof, noise-damping, impact and pressure resistant

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