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CNC milling-turning center
max. ø 710 mm | Multus B400II OKUMA


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The MULTUS B400II simultaneously features material handling and turn-mill operation functions. It comes with lathe, vertical or horizontal machining centers. The chuck class device measures between 10 and 12 inches. It is suitable for process-intensive machining and is space saving.

Process time is reduced and machine usage increased due to the fact that this machine requires fewer setups. A 225° B-axis range is provided due to the the dual function, 6,000rpm H1-milling spindle. CAPTO-C6 tooling is used by the spindle head. The spindle head also comes with an 18/13hp PREX milling motor spindle. A 0.001 degree B-axis and compound motion Y-axis is provided by the H-turret. A 40-tool ATC is provided but a 60-tool model is also available.


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