semi-flexible borescope / swing prism / industrial



  • Construction:


  • Other characteristics:

    swing prism

  • Applications:


  • Diameter:

    6.1 mm, 8.1 mm


Swing Prism Borescopes from Olympus use optical lens systems to transmit an image from the inspection area back to the eye and a non-coherent fiber bundle to illuminate the object. They come in a durable, corrosion-free and fluid resistant outer protective sheath with an ergonomic design that allows efficient handling.

With the advanced swing prism, scope direction of view can be adjusted continuously from 45° degree fore-oblique to 115° retro viewing coupled with the field of view, which allows a total viewing arc of 120 degrees, from 20 to 140 degrees. Reduced internal reflections and more image brightness is achieved with multi-layer lens coating.