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Pt100 temperature transmitter / RTD / wireless / USB



  • Input type:

    RTD, Pt100

  • Output signal:

    wireless, USB

  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:



Omega UWRTD Pt100 (RTD) wireless connector series includes standalone, compact, and battery powered RTD connectors. The devices can send readings to a host receiver up to a distance of 120m (400').

UWRTD allows programming of every unit in the field for direct interfacing with a 3-wire 100Ω Platinum RTD sensor with 0.00385 (European) or 0.00392 (American) curves. Once activated, readings can be transmitted by the connector without interruption at programmable time intervals pre-set by the user in the initial setup.

Every unit is capable of measuring and transmitting to the host, Pt100 input reading, battery condition, RF signal strength, and ambient temperature of the connector. The readings can be shown on the screen in real time using the software provided,

UWRTD is available in 100Ω (standard), 500Ω, and 1000Ω (special Order). The RTD measurement range, 0.00385 (European)is -200 to 850°C (-328 to 1562°F) and 0.00392 (American) is -100 to 457°C (-148 to 854°F). The accuracy of RTD measurement is ±0.5°C (1°F), and the RTD measurement resolution is 1°C/1°F. It can handle operating temperature of -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F).