video corpo

load cell amplifier / signal / conditioning / for strain gauges



  • Type:


  • Secondary function:


  • Other characteristics:

    for load cells, for strain gauges, DIN rail

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 0 mV

    Max.: 10 mV

  • Current:

    Min.: 0 mA

    Max.: 21.5 mA

  • Power:

    15 W (0 hp)


Omega's TXDIN1600S DIN rail mount transmitter is used for load cell or strain gauge inputs. The device comes with a software for free download which enables the user to easily configure and scale the transmitter through the built-in mini USB port. The software also enables to read live process data for offset and span calibration. Outputs can be in the form of voltage, bipolar voltage or active/passive process current.

The 10 to 48 Vdc or 10 to 32 Vac powered unit can be battery operated. The device with high precision input stage allows usage of 5 Vdc bridge excitation voltage opposing to the traditional 10V. This process significantly minimizes power requirement for the bridge supply and enables connection of up-to four bridges (load cells) to the input. The transmitter with advanced features of remote tare, multi-point scaling, filtering and built-in bridge excitation proves suitable for several applications.