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signal conditioning module signal conditioning module - OM-SGD-ADPT-TC


Mounts Directly on the Back of Compatible OM-SGD Series Smart Graphics Displays
Accepts Type J, K or T Thermocouple (User-Selectable via PC Software)
Powered from the OM-SGD Series Display
Configurable High and Low Alarms
The OM-SGD-ADPT-TC is an add-on signal conditioning module that interfaces directly to an OM-SGD Series Smart Graphics Display. It has built-in cold junction compensation (CJC) and is powered directly from the host OM-SGD Series meter. Simply connect the 14-way connector IDC socket on the signal conditioning module to the OM-SGD Series meter. The thermocouple is wired to the TC+ (green) and TC- (white) via the screw terminal block. The system can also be powered via the USB port on the OM-SGD Series meter.
Compatible OM-SGD Series Displays: OM-SGD-24-M, OM-SGD-24-M-420, OM-SGD-28-M, OM-SGD-28-M-420, OM-SGD-35-M, OM-SGD-35-M-420. The thermocouple add-on board is not compatible with the OM-SGD Series water proof versions (OM-SGD-24-M-IP, OM-SGD-24-M-IP420)
Operating Temperature Range (Module Only): -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F)
Power: The OM-SGD-ADPT-TC module is powered by the host OM-SDG Series meter
Weight: 28 g (1 oz)