video corpo

paperless recorder / universal / USB / panel-mount
RD8250 series OMEGA



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    USB, panel-mount


GBP 452.00 is a paperless recorder that comes with a wide range of features to include 2 customizable isolated inputs for current and DC voltage, thermocouples, frequency, RTDs and rpm pulse. 2 alarm relay inputs, 4 internal alarm set points, 1 digital control input and a maximum storage rate of 100 samples/s are also a part of the main features.

The GBP 452.00 can be ordered with optional universal power supply and the small flash cards can accommodate up to 2 Gigabytes of data in memory. Furthermore, the GBP 452.00 is available with optional software for printing, graphic analysis, exporting for EI and USB option and transfer. The GBP 452.00 comes with a standard 1/4 DIN Panel Mount and a clear bright display.