cyclone separator / condensate
SA, SRA series OMI Italy



  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:


  • Flow rate:

    Max.: 12,000 m³/h (423,776.001 ft³/h)

    Min.: 30 m³/h (1,059.44 ft³/h)


The SA - SRA condensate separators from OMI are engineered with rounded surfaces allowing consistent flow along the separator's contact surfaces, lessening pressure drops. Equipped with developed die-casting technology, these separators are capable of handling processes that involve weight reduction, heavy-duty mechanical resistance, and solutions for porosity.

Different stainless steel SRA separators are available in a range of sizes, from DN 100 up to DN 200. Flow rates also vary per model, from 40.000 l/min up to 200.000 l/min.

For applications that require greater thickness, the SA 40 bar special series is also available upon request.

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