multifunction calibration system / for transformers / compact / portable
VOTANO 100 OMICRON electronics



  • Measured physical value:


  • Applications:

    for transformers

  • Options:

    compact, portable, high-precision


can test all of the important parameters of voltage transformers quickly. It is the first portable test system to also offer high accuracy. The measured results are automatically assessed in accordance with IEEE and IEC standards.

VOTANO 100s light-weight design makes it ideal for on-site tests and calibration tasks in power system grids, production facilities, and test/development labs. It is supplied with the separate voltage booster VBO1. This 4 kV amplifier provides the necessary test voltage during the ratio measurement. VBO1 is positioned close to the transformer under test while VOTANO 100 is operated in the safe area outside of the high-voltage environment.
Key features

Very high accuracy allows field calibration of VTs up to the 0.1 accuracy class
Excellent mobility through compact size and low weight (< 15 kg / 33 lbs)
Automatic result assessment as per IEEE and IEC standards directly after the test
Short testing time compared to conventional methods (< 20 min)


VT ratio and phase angle accuracy tests for all specified ratio values, considering the nominal burden under and without load and for different voltage values
VT winding resistance measurements of secondary windings
Magnetization characteristics determinations
Leakage reactance measurements of VTs under test