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Power Transformer Bundle OMICRON electronics



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The Power Transformer Bundle comprises all needed test equipment for comprehensive condition diagnosis of power transformers and its associated components such as bushings and on-load tap changers (OLTC). With this bundle, you can perform and assess all electrical, dielectrical and chemical tests on power transformers, while benefiting from various advantages.

The Power Transformer Bundle can be adapted to your testing needs: It consists of the Primary Test ManagerTM (PTM) software and four OMICRON test systems. Beside DIRANA and FRANEO 800 as integral part of the bundle for advanced diagnosis, you can choose between TESTRANO 600 and CPC 100 as main unit for all common diagnostic tests.

In addition, you can optionally extend the bundle with CP TD1 for power/dissipation factor and capacitance measurements.

Key features:

•Multi-functional test solutions to reduce the required number of devices to a minimum
•One common software to operate all included test systems – thus, one database with
all testing and asset data
•Software support during test set-up and execution, e.g. step-by-step instructions and
wiring diagrams
•Time saving due to automated test procedures, intelligent algorithms and reduced
•Easy data management e.g. due to simple comparison and reporting functionalities
•Automatic result assessment in accordance with international IEEE and IEC standards,
including dissolved gas analysis (DGA) results