partial discharge locator / for power transformers
PDL 650 OMICRON electronics



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    partial discharge, for power transformers


The failure location is to be known for quick action on weak insulation. The upcoming defects produces measurable partial discharges (PD). Simultaneously the partial discharges also emits electrical impulses and acoustic signals. PDL 650 features multiple sensors spread over the transformer making it capable to measure acoustic signals. The software uses the time difference of all incoming signals to determine the failure location. The coordinates are finally displayed in a 3D model of the transformer. The protocols or recordings of the complete measurement can be simply created by just a mouse click for later reference.

PDL 650 proves efficient as it enables prediction of repairs and spare parts on detection of failure location. The device helps to easily create reports and records. The galvanic separation of operator from high voltage ensures safety. The compact, light weight and battery operated device offers easy operation and carrying. It is majorly used in the manufacturing process of transformers.