LED light source / visible / infrared / UV
LedHUB® Omicron Laserprodukte GmbH



  • Illumination technology:


  • Spectrum:

    visible, infrared, UV

  • Other characteristics:


  • Technical applications:

    for microscopy, forensic

  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 340 nm

    Max.: 940 nm

  • Output power:

    Min.: 0.05 W (0.00007 hp)

    Max.: 1 W (0.00136 hp)


Key features of the LedHUB®:
- Modular principle for up to 6 different wavelengths with user-upgradability
- Individual analogue modulation inputs for fast power control of LED wavelengths
- User replaceable 25mm standard excitation filters (bandpass filters) for each LED channel
- Precise intensity control in 0.1% steps (0-100%) by computer control (USB)
- Individual digital modulation inputs for fast full on/off control with <2µs switching time
- Intelligent SYNC in- and outputs for master or slave control of/from external cameras or instruments
- Stable & repeatable – TEC temperature controlled LED chips for reliable and consistent results
- Compatible to 2, 3 and 5mm Liquid Light Guides and SMA or FC/PC connectorized quartz fibers
- Excellent uniformity over field of view – fixed and stable, no alignment necessary
- Long lifetime – expected to exceed 25,000 hours of operating time
- Software driver for Metamorph available

The Omicron LedHUB is a high power LED light source for Biotech, industrial and analytical applications. With its up to 6 different wavelengths between 340 and 840nm it can be used in applications like widefield microscopy, Calcium Imaging, optogenetics, chemical analysis, forensics and many more. The modular principle of the LedHUB® provides the possibility to start with only one or two wavelengths initially and user-upgradeability to further wavelengths at a later stage. The capability of fast switching between the wavelengths and high speed analogue modulation of the intensity is a key feature for demanding applications.

– Microscopy
– Optogenetics
– Calcium Imaging
– Flow Cytometry
– Chemical Analysis
– Forensics