nanosecond laser diode module / solid-state / infrared / visible
150/500 series Omicron Laserprodukte GmbH



  • Operational mode:


  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:

    infrared, visible

  • Other characteristics:

    modulated, high-speed, low-noise, semiconductor

  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 375 nm

    Max.: 1,060 nm

  • Power:

    Min.: 0.005 W

    Max.: 0.5 W


High-speed modulated laser diode modules with 150/500MHz digital modulation and 1 MHz analog modulation

The diode lasers of the Bluephoton® / Greenphoton® / Redphoton® 150/500 Series are temperature-stabilized laser diode modules with modulation inputs for up to 500 MHz digital modulation (On/Off) and up to 1 MHz analog modulation (power control). The digital modulation input is available both as TTL (up to ~150MHz) and as differential PECL input (up to ~500MHz). The analog modulation input can be adapted to customer preferences both in its voltage value, as well as in its impedance value. (0 5 V, 1 kOhm standard). The extremely short rise and fall times of the digital modulation of <1 ns (nanosecond) enable precise switching of the laser light in extremely fast processes, such as for example microlithography, printing plate illumination (CtP), microscopy and reprography. As a result of their intelligent laser controller with interface RS-232, these lasers can be integrated seamlessly into applications and controlled. Through the standardized Command Line Interface (CLI), you have at all times full control of all parameters of the laser, such as e.g. laser diode temperature, laser powers and currents, operating modes and lots more. The high-precision temperature stabilization to a maximum diode temperature variation of <0.02°K, and the stable power source for the laser diode, enable an extreme level of power stability and very low noise levels.