CW laser / solid-state / green / OEM
Greenphoton® FKL Series Omicron Laserprodukte GmbH



  • Operational mode:


  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:


  • Other characteristics:

    OEM, precision, single-mode, DPSS

  • Applications:


  • Wavelength:

    532 nm

  • Power:

    Max.: 0.15 W

    Min.: 0.025 W


The lasers of the Greenphoton® FKL Series are highly-stable, green 532 nm single-mode CW solid-state lasers for OEM employment in machines, devices and instruments. The output powers from 5 mW to 150 mW, the high-precision two-stage temperature stabilization to a maximum temperature variation of <0.02°K, and the stable power source for the pump laser diode, enable extreme power stability and very small noise levels. As a result of their intelligent laser controller with interface RS-232, these lasers can be integrated seamlessly into applications and controlled. Through the standardized Command Line Interface (CLI), you have at all times full control of all parameters of the laser, such as laser diode temperature, laser powers and currents, operating modes and lots more. The systems consist of a laser head and a laser controller in the EMC-screened modular housing with 24 V DC supply voltage input, according to industrial standard. As in case of all lasers of the Bluephoton® and Redphoton® Series the laser head of the Greenphoton® Series can also be very simply adapted to customer specifications by the use of the modular principle.

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