spring ball transfer unit / stainless steel / flanged / for heavy loads
97 series Omnitrack



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Type:

    spring, flanged

  • Capacity:

    for heavy loads

  • Carrying capacity:

    12 kg, 91 kg, 227 kg, 450 kg, 1,000 kg (26.5 lb)


Maximum shock protection – Ball retracts fully within housing
Ideal where load balancing or unequal track/load conditions exist
Exceptional shock & high/low temperature resistance
Maximum load capacity at any angle of orientation
Robust integral base mounting flange complete with 2 or 3 fixing holes
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Omnitrack 97 series spring loaded ball transfer units are pre-stressed for omnidirectional & accurate positioning. As these units are from our ‘heavy duty’ range they offer the lowest coefficient of friction & smoothest performance available.

When incorporating Omnitrack 97 series units into heavy press tooling or dies, the tooling can be precisely positioned & then clamped. The additional force caused by will cause the disc springs to deflect whilst clamped, yet once unclamped, raise the tooling ready to be maneuvered away with ease & accuracy.

Material upgrade options are shown below – order by adding the suffix to the part number required, for example, 9740 ‘A’ which includes stainless steel balls & improved resistance to high temperatures.