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remote I/O system / analog / digital / EtherNet/IP
NX series Omron Electronics GmbH



  • Signal type:

    analog, digital

  • Bus:

    EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT

  • Type:



Performance and practicality for machine controlModern machine control requires system-wide synchronisation of motion axes with microsecond accuracy. The NX I/O system offers this timing accuracy and repeatability for a wide variety of in- and outputs. Its ultra-fast internal bus system is synchronised with the Distributed Clock of the EtherCAT network, resulting in system-wide deterministic I/O operation.Ideal match with Sysmac Machine automation controllers and CJ2-series PLC'sSynchronous I/O updates, system-wide, with less than 1 μs jitter using EtherCATHigh density: up to 16 digital or 8 analog signals in 12 mm widthRemovable wiring terminals for easy system assembly and testing