Die sinking electrical discharge machine / CNC
600 x 400 x 400 mm | NX4C ONA ELECTRO-EROSION

NX4C is a die sinking machine manufactured by Ona Electroerosion. This equipment is developed to facilitate the automation work of various kinds. Its mechanically designed fixed bed frame permits broad travels of its axes. The high-speed pulse technology results in shorter machine time in jobs that involve difficult flushing, more homogeneous finish on wide areas, and deep groves which can be machined precisely.

The CNC utilizes the Expert Erosion System that guarantees 100% performance without management. This SAAC system increases the generator performance when it comes to erosion work involving the evolutive surface electrodes.

This device is a cost-effective solution that is suitable for the NX machines. It is totally automated, and ensures over 10,000 hours of operation with zero maintenance costs.



Die sinking EDM

Wire EDM

Hole Drilling EDM