Hydraulic crimping machine / hose / high-capacity
max. ° 95 mm, 45 t | TUBOMATIC S77 OP


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OP Tubomatic S77 ES crimper is suitable for crimping hoses with stiff and articulate curves. This is made possible by its frontal lift that enables passage of the hose, thereby improving productivity. This unique feature is of particular use in automotive applications which are witnessing an increase in the combined use of flexible hoses and pipes. At the same time, it is also useful for crimping flexible hydraulic hoses of up to 95 mm diameter.

It offers several benefits such as moving components with self lubrication and a latest electronic control equipped with a touch screen colour display. It has a new noise-free pump. During crimping, it provides additional stability to the hose due to its die in a fixed "6 o'clock position". Crimping of pipe ends with large flanges or 90° couplings is allowed by a particularly narrow crimping head.


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