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Round transmission belt / polyurethane-coated
2 - 18 mm | RR, RR PLUS series Optibelt


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Optibelt round section belting comprises of high quality raw materials that are manufactured as open-ended metre goods in various sections using special manufacturing processes.
The round section belting is additionally equipped with a polyester tension cord in the Optibelt RR PLUS model. Round section belts with tension belts are particularly low-stretch and are used when dealing with long transport journeys.
Optibelt manufactures plastic belts in various designs. These are easily distinguished according to their colour. The following colours are manufactured: yellow, orange, green, white, blue and black.
The quality of belt can be chosen as according to the task in hand.

Welding takes place on location. This also applies for the Optibelt RR PLUS model.
No disassembly of the system
Quick rectifi cation of breakdowns
Short breakdown times
Simple storage (rolled goods)
Immediate availability
Various construction options due to the fact that any length can be manufactured


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