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DualOptic OPTO



  • Type :

    zoom, macro, micro


DualOptic 5x/1.25x Coax
Simultaneous macro and micro viewing of an object

The DualOptic from Opto delivers 2 maginification channels simultaneously. The 5x channel enables a detailed view of the sample, whilst the 1.25x channel maintains a broad overview image.

DualOptic is a zoom replacement for instantaneous high and low magnification images with no moving parts.Ideal for flat, reflective surfaces with microstructure detail.

Technical Features:
Magnification: 5x and 1.25x (alternative magnifications on request)
Optimized for max. 1/2'' camera chip
Vignetting for low mag. with 2/3'' camera chip
Resolution: 1.5µm and 5µm
Working Distance: 31mm
Dimensions 54 x 130 x 260 mm
Weight 0.9kg
Adaption multiple fixing options

Connector cable illumination to power supply - 2.5m
Power supply, dimmable
Power cord - EU 1.8m
Power cord - UK 2m
Power cord - CH 2m
Power cord - US 2m

Article Number 043-290130-K00501