zoom camera objective / macro / machine vision / measuring



  • Type :

    zoom, macro

  • Technical applications:

    machine vision, measuring, inspection, for robotic dimensional inspection

  • Focal length:

    Max.: 108 mm

    Min.: 18 mm


The 6:1 Macro Zoom Lens is customized for direct attachment to C-Mount CCD cameras. It features an optional 'click stop' detents where the objective can be used for measuring task applications that need variable fields for view over large areas. This exclusive objective contains a unique close up lens that allows it to cover a 4.3 to 400 mm field of view. They find their application in robotic automation, large-scale macro machine vision, in-line and packaging inspection.
General Specifications: It has a 6:1 parfocal ( focus does not shift on zooming ) zoom ratio. It has a 18 108 mm focal length with a working distance of 280 mm — ∞. The field of view for ½” image sensor is 14 x 10 mm² up to 400 x 300 mm² with the "close up" lens. A magnification of 0.066 0.4 x ( max. WD ), 0.17 1.0 x ( min. WD ) and 140 280 mm working distance. The Field of View for 1/2" image sensor is 5.7 x 4.3 mm² up to 96 x 72.