tilt stage / manual / for microscopes / for microscope objectives
043-631006 OPTO



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    for microscopes, for microscope objectives, vacuum-compatible, welding


The Table Tilt is a rotation table developed by Opto. It is mainly used for control and inspection work on printed circuit board assemblies. This unit can be coupled to the Stereo or TV Microscope to form an ergonomic repair station. In addition, this framework offers a 360° rotation to the sample and can be tilt at maximum of 30°.

Technical data:

Article number: 043-631006

Diameter: 300mm
Plate: steel
Component fixation: magnetic fixing
Fixing the tilting position: Vacuum adjustment with foot switch
Weight: ca. 5kg
Accessories: 2 Magnetic hand support plates, 8 Conductor board holding magnets

There is also a bigger tilting table of the same design available with a diameter of 450mm and a granite tilting table with a non-slip rubber ESD surface.

An alternative to the Tilting Table are our Oblique Viewing Modules for Stereo Microscopes.