modular soldering station / anti-static / mobile
043-631005 OPTO



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    anti-static, mobile


This Tilting Table manufactured by Opto has a rock solid stand and can be used for many kinds of inspection that require slant observing.

It was mainly developed for inspection of printed circuit boards, but also for welding or soldering tasks, control, and repair of jewelry, and watches, to name only some. The simple positioning of items, which can be fixed through a non-slip rubber ESD surface, enable a highly ergonomic inspection.

The unit enables a fast and easy full 360° inspection and is applicable to all microscope brands. The samples can be safely positioned at an angle or tilt and fixed in the desired position.

a diameter of 400mm, a weight of about 9kg,
a granite plate, a non-slip rubber ESD surface,
the tilting position is fixed through the own weight of the granite table

Article number 043-631005

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